Hoofies - Equine Hoof Stickers "Fun From The Ground Up"

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Hoofies motto is “Fun from the Ground Up!” They are intended for a one time use. These peel-and-stick hoof stickers offer a great and colorful alternative to hoof polish. For best results, do not allow Hoofies to make contact with ground surface and place just under the hair line during application. The recommended removal time is 8 to 12 hours.

Hoofies come in 32 different styles including glitter, neon, glow in the dark, animal prints, patriotic prints, and many more! 

Perfect for the Show Ring, Parades, Drill Team, Birthday Partys, Barrel Racing, Horse Camps, Carriage Horses, Costume contests, Holidays or whatever the occasion - you want your horse to look their best and stand out.

Protect your horse's hoof health with Hoofies and say good-bye to those days of glue, glitter, paint and gunk.

How to apply:

  • 1) Clean hoof wall - you can wash it, rub alcohol or use a damp cloth to make sure there is no dirt, oil or dust. (LET IT DRY) 
  • 2) Test run (KEEP THE PLASTIC ON THE HOOFIE) place the Hoofie with the logo under the hairline and in the middle of the hoof. Check to see if you need to trim the Hoofie, that it does not go below the hoof and hits into the ground. If trimming is needed, use scissors to cut the Hoofie and the plastic.
  • 3) Peel the plastic from the Hoofie and place the logo in the middle and under the hairline of the hoof. Wrap around the hoof with minimal pressure from the front to the back. Smooth with your hands and press the sticker on the hoof. 

How to remove:

  • 1) Grab the edge of the Hoofie from the backside of the hoof and slowly peel it off. Use an away from the hoof motion.


Now go have some fun!


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